OpAmp Op Amp Voltage Gain Calculator

Voltage gain calculation formula (opput amplifier gain calculation formula):

Gu = 20lg(Uo/Ui)= 20lgAu

In the formula, Uo is the output voltage, Ui is the input voltage, and Au is the ratio of Uo/Ui.
Gu is the voltage gain, and the result is 20 times the logarithm of the quotient of the output voltage to the input voltage, in units of decibels dB.

For example: 40dB means that the ratio of the output voltage to the input voltage is 100 times.

Parameter input:

Inverting amplifier (A)

Rin: k Ohm
Rf: k Ohm

Non-inverting amplifier (B)

Rin: k Ohm
Rf: k Ohm

Output result - Amp-A:
Reverse gain Gain = -
Output result - Amp-B:
Non-reverse gain Gain =

Note: In order to operate normally, if a single power supply is used, the non-reverse OP amplifier must be associated with the ground. If V- is grounded, then the + input must have a 1/2V+ voltage drop, which can be obtained by resistor divider.

Convert to db value
db = (Vg)log X 20
db = 20 log Eout/Ein
(Eout/Ein)log X 20