74HC4046/74HCT9046A/CD4046 Phase locked loop voltage controlled oscillator frequency calculator

Phase locked loop voltage controlled oscillator:

In the early days of the development of radio technology, it was used to generate high frequency carrier voltage in the transmitter, used as local oscillator in superheterodyne receiver, and became the basic component of transmitting and receiving equipment.
In radio measuring instruments, it produces sinusoidal signal voltages of various frequencies; in thermal processing, heat treatment, ultrasonic processing and some medical equipment, it produces high-power high-frequency power to heat the load, etc.

74HC4046/74HCT9046A/CD4046 Phase locked loop VCO frequency calculator
R1 [kΩ]       3kΩ < R1 < 300kΩ
R2 [kΩ]       3kΩ < R2 < 300kΩ
C1 [pF]       40pF < C
Minimum frequency. [kHz]     VTUN = 1.1V
Frequency. Typical. [kHz]     VTUN = 2.5V
Frequency. Max. [kHz]     VTUN = 3.9V
VCO gain KVCO     kHz/V