Flux density calculator

Electronic enthusiasts provide magnetic flux density calculators and magnetic flux density calculation formulas.

Magnetic flux density definition:

Magnetic flux density, referred to as magnetic flux density, which quantitatively reflects the density of magnetic lines of force. The strength of the magnetic field is usually expressed by the magnetic induction "B".

Flux density unit:

The unit of magnetic induction is Tesla, its sign is T, and there is an obsolete unit: Gauss, whose sign is Gs: 1 T = 10000 Gs.

Magnetic flux density calculation formula:

Expression of magnetic flux Φ
1. Φ=BSsinα where α is the angle between the direction of the magnetic field and the plane.
Second, Φ = BScosα where α is the angle between the plane and the plane projecting perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field.

If the magnetic induction at some point in the magnetic field is B, where there is a plane perpendicular to the magnetic flux, and its area is S, the magnetic flux passing through it is:
Φ = BS

The unit of magnetic flux in the formula is Maxwell (Mx), the unit of magnetic induction B is Gaussian (Gs) unit square centimeter, or the Tesla (T) unit is square meter.

Communication condition
Voltage value of sinusoidal AC signal ( Vrms)
F(Frequency, the coil with the lowest frequency) (MHz)
                N (Number of turns)  
Ac (Iron core section) (cm2)
Optional DC condition
Idc (DC current through the coil. Optional) (A)
L Coil inductance, only the input coil DC current, the input is valid (uH)

BmaxMaximum magnetic flux density
Description: This calculator can perform geometric calculation of the maximum flux density to verify that it is below the specified value is the transformer core, making the core unsaturated. This calculator is very useful for matching the power required by the core size.

Magnetic flux density calculation formula:


Bmax(DC)=  (L*Idc*108)/(NAc)

Bmax= (Vrms*108)/(4.44*F*N*Ac) + (L*Idc*108)/(N*Ac) gauss

Note: If no DC current flows, the second formula is discarded.

 Condition AL(uH/100T2):

L= N2AL(uH/100T2)10-4

Bmax(DC)=  (N*AL(uH/100T2)104*Idc)/(Ac)