Volume and capacity converter

The following is a volume and capacity converter that calculates the volumetric capacity unit online conversion calculator.

Can be realized (Cubic meter), (hectoliter), (dekaliter), (Cubic dm), (liter), (deciliter), (centiliter), (Cubic cm), (milliliter), (Cubic millimeter), (Barrel) , (Bushel), (Peck), (Quart), (Pint), (Gallon), (Ounce), (dram), (Minim), (Cubic yard), (Cubic foot), (Cubic inch) Transfer interchange.

(m³) (hl)
(dal) (dm³= l)
(dl) (cl)
(cm³=ml) mm³
〖American dry〗
(Barrel) (bu)
(pk) (qt)
〖British liquid volume and dry weight〗
(Barrel) (Bushel)
(bal) (pt)
(fl oz)
〖Metric cooking system〗
(Table spoon) (Tea spoon)
〖American cooking system〗
(Tbs) (tsp)
(fl oz)
〖American liquid〗
(Barrel)[42 gal] (gal)
(qt) (pt)
(gi) (fl oz)
(fl dr) (min)
〖Volume measurement in the United States and Britain〗
(Acres of feet) (Cubic yard)
(Cubic foot) (Cubic inch)