Single layer coil inductance calculation

The inductor coil is wound around the insulating tube by a loop of the wire, and the wires are insulated from each other, and the insulating tube may be hollow or may include a core or a magnetic powder core. The inductance of the coil is denoted by L, and the unit is Henry (H), milli-henry (mH), micro-Henry (μH), 1H = 10^3mH = 10^6μH.

The electrical characteristics of the inductor are opposite to those of the capacitor, "passing the low frequency, blocking the high frequency." High-frequency signals are difficult to pass, and the resistance to low-frequency signals is small.
The resistance exhibited by the inductor to the current signal is what we call the "inductance".

The following is a common single layer coil inductance calculation software:

L[inductance] (uH)

Result output:

r[coil frame diameter] (mm)

N[Coil] = (ring)
l[Coil length] (mm)

Coil inductance calculation formula: